Luxury Framed Wall Art and Paintings - Becky Milnor Art

Luxury original wall art using gold leaf and acrylic paint on canvas. Opulent fine art inspired by the beauty and joy of nature and wildlife. Original paintings, prints (framed and unframed) available to buy.

The joy and magic of nature inspires me to capture the glory of all its colours, forms and beauty.

As a child I lived on a farm in rural Devon and my happiest memories were of sunny carefree days playing outside, exploring the natural world. That feeling of freedom and space. The joy and tranquility of nature. It gave me comfort and thrilled me in equal measure.

We all need that sense of belonging and grounding that connecting to nature gives us, and I try to capture that sense of wonderment in every painting I create.

A trip to see the Treasures of Tutankhamun in Cairo sparked my fascination with gold.
The light reflections, the opulence and the ethereal beauty of all those golden treasures really struck me. I didn't know it at the time, but I would carry that inspiration with me for years.

Like many people, I allowed art to take a back seat to “sensible” career paths and my busy family life. But I continued to develop my artistic skills, taking courses and creating art whenever I could while I worked as a physiotherapist and travelled around the world.

However my desire to express myself and create joyful things became pivotal after experiencing two close family bereavements that turned my world upside down. I decided it was finally time to put my art first.

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